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Solve your calculations without wasting paper. This powerful, yet lightweight calculator will replace your scratchpad.

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What Users are saying

Really cool and promising idea

It reminds me of school and doing calculations on paper at home. Really cool and much better than those old one-line calculators. So, consider a full keyboard support and a more powerful calculation engine. And keep implementing such promising stuff.

Sven R. (USA)
Better than any calculator App

Beats most calculator apps because it's basically like a blackboard that answers back.

Arch (USA)


Rechner supports most functions and constants similar to TI Syntax.

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Future Plans

We are already developing the next Version of Rechner.

  • Multipage Calculations
  • Calculation sharing (Excel)
  • Calculation sharing (Bitmap)
  • Improved docked view
  • more powerful calculation engine
  • Wolfram alpha integration (In App Purchase)